Wednesday, January 30, 2013

beep beep beep .. RADAR alert

Guess who just popped up on my radar.... MICHAEL STRAHAN. 

It happened during the holiday break. I was home during a weekday morning and happened to catch the "Kelly and Michael Show", and when the camera focused on Michael I was suddenly hooked. It was just my luck that episode was a replay of favorite moments from 2012. (deep breathe) One of those moments included Michael and Kelly coming on the set in flesh colored bathing suits to simulate being naked; all of Michael's body was exposed. The man is dayum BRICK HOUSE. At that moment I had two questions... 

Question 1. Why didnt I know Michael was that PHYNE!? I am familiar with him because I watch football, so I see him commentate all the time. He usually comes off as simply cute. Especially with that boyish smile **complete with innocent-looking gap** 

Question 2. ummm.. who knew he had ALL DAT up under 'dere ?? That man has a body! *coughs and clears throat* Pardon me, what I meant to say is "that man has a BODY!!!!" 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Nutrition 101

Though difficult, I've been working to maintain some level of fresh produce in my diet. It has been working for me so far. I attribute my success to keeping it simple, organized, and low-effort. I am not pressuring myself to have fresh fruits or veggies everyday, but I AM making sure I get some amount of fresh produce in my diet on the weekly basis. I am keeping a weekly appointment with my local Whole Foods store- and enjoying the little improvement to my diet. 

I must say, I have noticed an improvement to my digestive system and my energy level. Again, nothing drastic, but the change is noticeable. At my age, I will take it where I can get it ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

retail THERAPY

i need these glasses in my life

spandex PANTS in the GYM

I must admit, I am an ASS man. Put some nice thighs and a phat a$$ in some sweats or spandex... and I am SOLD. Even though I will not admit it to my friends, I am pretty sure that a PHAT A$$ in white tights (love players in white bottoms) was the initial reason I started watching football *giggles*. TOUCHDOWN!

As trends are changing, i am noticing more and more men wearing spandex pants to the gym. On the right guy, that can be veeeeeery distracting :)  

Another good thing about the 'skinny jeans, tight slacks, and spandex pants' trend is that more men are paying attention to building their lower bodies. This is GREAT! It can be pretty disappointing to see a fella with a huge chest and arms, walking around on toothpicks... #justsaying 

Friday, January 25, 2013


Came across this series while scouring  youtube for content. You may already know, that I am a big supporter of 'ondemand entertainment', versus cable television. Therefore, I love to discover new web series.  

I was initially attracted to the sleek look of the show (the cinematography and direction); but as the story line progressed, I got more into the plot. 

Plus, the show takes place in the ATL!! I gotta show love to the homegrown talent in the Peach State.  


episode 1

episode 2

Want more?... Hooked yet?

Check out the FreeFall channel on Youtube >>>

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Use it or lose it

One way or another, you’ll eventually appreciate the good things you now have. The worst way to gain appreciation for something you have is by losing it. The best way to develop that appreciation for something you already have is by using it.
Your life is filled with many treasures, and someday you’ll truly appreciate those treasures. The question is, will that appreciation come about through the sadness of loss, or through the joy of fulfillment? That choice is yours to make right here, right now.
Make use of what you have while you have it, and not only will your appreciation for it grow, that appreciation will add real value to your life. Take advantage of your opportunities, love and enjoy the people around you, make use of your time to accomplish great things.
The more you make use of the good things you have, the more your appreciation for them will grow. And the more your appreciation grows, the better use you’re able to make of them. It’s a wonderful upward spiral toward success and fulfillment.
Make full use of what you have. There’s no better way to live your gratitude.
— Ralph Marston

Saturday, January 19, 2013


INSPIRATIONAL transformation

**grabs keys and heads out the door ... GYM TIME!!**

Thursday, January 17, 2013

life imitates ... ART

Sculptures by Sabi van Hemert ; kids shaped sculptures with the use of one singular material

Sunday, January 13, 2013


#cover boy edition

Congrats to Shaun T on his new cover...

... AND

this always deserves a repost.... (awwwww, sooo cute)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the DWELLing

guess who has two thumbs and is gonna make his very own version of this mirror... THIS GUY!