Monday, July 27, 2009

the reason i HIT the GYM ...

Yes, i have finally made my return to the WORKOUT. Its is a serious struggle, but i am determined to meet the challenge.. (and to rock this killer pair of jeans i have).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

the HUSBAND type...

So, what qualifies a dude, as the HUSBAND type? The type of guy you are ready to settle down with, introduce to mom, and raise some little ones with?

So, what is my fantasy husband like? I tend to go for dudes who are physically active with a dark sense of humor. I must say, i do lean towards a dude on the athletic-thick side of the spectrum. In addition to that, gotta funny attraction to a dude sporting some specs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

speaking of aging WELL...

dude is nearly 40... and STILL flawless.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This dude is aging very well. Makes we wonder, 'what am I doing to make sure I maintain?' I am admittedly a DUDE when is comes to beauty tips. I have no idea what can be done to keep a youthful glow. Heck, I am usually guy that forgets to put on lotion. Yes, yes... I do get ashy... SO WHAT! The only thing I can say that I do with regularity is a face scrub. Besides that I workout and do a little manscaping from time to time. But have beautiful friends who tell me their beauty regime consist of a whole lot more. I mean, how do they find the time? Ummm... so I need a little help in the beauty department. Luckily I live in the age of the internet. One quick search on google and I am instantly taken to a variety of shopping sites and youtube videos with a focus on male grooming. THANKS capitalism for giving me a poor self image for free, but then allowing me to buy 'good looks' for ridiculous prices. *smile*Opps... I meant *totally unnatural ultra white smile with capped teeth*

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the ultimate LOFT space...

something about open spaces and exposed brick is just.... sexy

Friday, July 17, 2009

Game... (over)...

I am really gonna miss these fellas. **sad face**

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dumped... again...

So I recently asked my EX if he wanted to get back together. DENIED. Ouch, right? Well it wasn’t that bad. He was the fella that initiated the breakup… so his eventual response was not a huge surprise.

Don’t get me wrong.. I am not desperately in love. I do love him- but we have been out of a relationship for a while. I think what I really wanted from asking – was CLOSURE. Not to boast or anything (ummm, but this IS my blog).. but I get approached all the time. I don’t claim to be phine… or special… I am just in ATLANTA! **Nuff said** But I felt like my chapter with ‘Rome’ had not come to an end. Ever feel like you are stuck reading the same paragraph over and over again in a book? Oh well… yesterday Rome finally forced me to turn the page. He told me that he loved me, but that he would not be able to give me what I wanted -- house… kids…matching motorcycles…-- and I agreed. We have loved each other for years, but we have been aware of our different paths for years too.

At this point, I feel a little lighter. Its easier to move forward when less baggage is holding you back (notice the ‘less’…indicates there is still some there).

Oh, and just because I am more emotionally available doesn’t mean tat I am trying to date. Nah, .. still just working on me. Trust me… it’s a real PROJECT *wink*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the Carnival...

Dayum... i really do miss home somtimes... **listening to "California Dreamin"**

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the Power couple...

the 7eventh...

So its the seventh... the one day in the month that is always dedicated to ME. Everyone should make sure to take out some time for themselves occasionally. I try to do it on the regular, but with my schedule- it can be difficult at times. Terrible excuse. But, with that said, I make sure to pick out a pocket of time for Twisted (myself) every SEVENTH of the month.

Why the seventh? well for me - that is the easiest day for me to remember. Seven is my favorite number, since I saw it that faithful day on Sesame Street. Ernie picked up his rubber ducky from the tub and squeezed it seven times... and I knew (even as a baby) that '7' was meant for me. [SIDENOTE: I think that is when i realized liked boys, too]

Seven is the number of 'perfection and completion' and its the day on which I was born. And besides all that deep biblical stuff.. its my fav! *wink* LOL. Did I mention that I am corny? No? Oh, we'll get to that on a later post.


So on this seventh, my focus is on GRATITUDE. Lately I have been slightly down about my current state of affairs. Mad about my job, pissed about my lack of funds, ... body image issues-- you know, that typical gay sh**. So today, I decided to take a step back and appreciate ME. Appreciate all that I am and all that I have. The family... the friends... the steady paycheck. When you appreciate the little things, your subconscious reveals even more beneath the surface to be grateful for...For instance, I am grateful for the paycheck, but I am even more grateful for my ability to recognize that it is JUST a paycheck.. and not the last step in my BRILLIANT career. Yea sometimes my friends can make me upset, but I am glad to have people in my life that I am emotionally impacted by.

So from the angel with the Twisted wing... be thankful.

**This message was brought to you by the letter 'L' and the number '7' ** (love u, Ernie)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009