Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Original RECIPE

wanna taste… 

As I search the corners of the Atlanta Metro area, and the WORLD (via social media) for my future husband… I wonder… 

I wonder, will he APPRECIATE all the ODDITIES that come together to form me. Will he understand my need to occasionally binge on 'cookies n cream' ice cream on a bad day? Will he appreciate my love of comic books, and horrible acting in those original Syfy movies (a la Sharknado)? Will he cherish my obsession with the stock market and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Will he support my efforts to obtain the body of action figure? Will he…

Will he appreciate the taste of this 'original recipe'.. and will will he bring his own flavor to compliment the menu? 

#randomRANT #lonleyboyproblems

Sunday, August 3, 2014

new month… NEW MOVES !

So here we are in a new month… filled with NEW OPPORTUNITIES. I am still in the process of creating my 'goal list' for the month. I must say… the last few months have been extremely busy. Work has been ABSOLUTELY kray, but I am getting better with managing the workload. 

And speaking of work… per usual, I am looking for a new gig. Its seems that I am perpetually looking for a "new and improved" job.  Don't get me wrong, I am only looking for more capital to fund my own business. Right now, money comes in through an employer, but I am working on changing that arrangement. 

I have gotten back into stock trading. So far, my performance has been fair. Some wins, some losses. But with each trade, my skill level is rising. My goal is to see six figures in my brokerage account. And for some strange reason-- i TOTALLY believe i can do it! ;)

With work being so busy, I have neglected my workout regime. This month is an opportunity to pick it back up- and get my butt back in the gym regularly. Thank goodness for all the HOTNESS living on my instagram feed. If those shirtless dudes can essentially LIVE in the gym, I can (at least) make it in 3 times a week:) Right? … RIGHT!!