Thursday, July 29, 2010


A wise man will MAKE more opportunities than he finds...

-Francis Bacon

Monday, July 26, 2010

the WIFEY report card...

So I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a COMMITMENT CEREMONY yesterday. Beautiful. It was truly inspiring to be in the presence of such love and support. Not only between the GROOMS, but also between the family and friends that attended the ceremony. I snapped a couple of photos of the nuptials, but i didnt want to post anything without the couple's permission.

But knowing me, my mind wandered a bit at the event. And i thought to myself, 'would i make a good hubby?' I mean, really... how would i measure up?

So, being creative as i am, i devised a WIFEY report card.

Phys Ed (How well do you maintain your physical presence) A-
When it comes to physical maintenance, I am always going to score high marks. Not because of my man, but because I am always prepared to leave him! *wink* Presentation (including working out, how your dress, confidence, etc.. ) is for SELF, and should never fall far on the priority list.

Home Economics (How well do you maintain the household) C+
Lets be real.... I am NEVER going to cook. Sorry.. that has NEVER been a talent of mine. However, when is comes to cleaning, organizing, and decorating the home.. I excel. I am the KING of HGTV.. I have built closet organizers... painted accent designs on walls... I am ON POINT regarding household maintenance. However, with cooking being approximately 50% of the grade, I will settle for the C+ *sigh*

Accounting/Finance (How well do you maintain the finances) B+
This SHOULD be easy 'A'. I keep a very tight ship when it comes to the finances. I have always been very good with maintaining the books. With me at the steering wheel, i can make sure the family's financial standing is heading in the right direction. Bank accounts, equity investments, real estate holdings... I GOT THAT. And dont sleep on my hustle skills... in a pinch, I can flip a stack with more creative investments. When it comes to money, i pretty much demand to be the captain of the ship. *Sweetie, you just sit in the passenger seat-- and ride. So, why not an 'A++'?? I am factoring in 'financial contribution'. My income is not where I want it to be.. so, i loose a couple of points for that :(

Language Arts (How well do you communicate) B
I consider a very STRONG communicator. I try to be a good listener, and i make sure to communicate my feeling and needs. I know I can be a lil withholding, and i will never be an open book- i have too many walls in place. But as trust is established, I am more accessible. PLUS i should get extra credit for writing my partner love letters and poems ;) I am a sucker for romance....

Sex Ed (How well do you maintain the bedroom) A
Creativity is key. Not to toot my own horn.. but i do have more that one costume in the closet (ie football uniform, ups delivery man, and an old wrestling uniform from high school- to name a few) The 'A' is because i am open minded and determined to keep it interesting in the bedroom. Sorry, I really CANNOT think of anything negative on this subject. The only reason I didnt put down an 'A+', is because i dont wanna come off too cocky. But seriously, I AM ONE OF THE BADEST IN THE GAME.

*Looks like I made HONOR ROLL, yet again... i have always been a gifted student *wink*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

not feeling MYSELF tonight..

Jessica Alba

Gotta love a girl with layers. Especially when you a pull a couple of layers back, and find more 'crazy' underneath...

Monday, July 19, 2010

random RANT...

No fair!!!

No fair!!

I mean.. am i the only person feeling a lil less than adequate while at the gym? I mean... the season breaks and these muscular mofo's come out of the woodwork.

*Twisted taps one of these muscular dudes on the shoulder.. "Excuse me, pardon me,... umm...where the f*** did u come from?!"

Dont get me wrong, I workout... i get it in..... BUT dayum! Is there some new protein shake out there that I dont know about?!?

I mean, some of these LA Fitness locations are starting to affect my self esteem :(

Friday, July 9, 2010


First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.

- Epictetus

Thursday, July 8, 2010


as if being a pretty girl wasnt dangerous enough...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whoooo Saahhhhhhh

Ahhhhh.... I heart new beginnings. I always take note of a new year, a new MONTH, a new day. There is something so hopeful about a clean slate. This month I am planning on picking up a new habit. In addition to reconciling my 'on again/off again' relationship with LA Fitness, i am planning on flexing more mental and spiritual muscles.

This month I am focusing my efforts on developing new habits. I know that once you have practiced behaviors for 30 days, muscle memory takes hold - and that behavior becomes a HABIT. So this month I will be picking up some new habits, one day at a time.

My main objective will be to MEDITATE.

Sounds a lil corny and first blush, but meditation comes along with both physical and mental benefits. I know it would be a great addition to my regular activities. And in my current employment situation *groan*, I need a firm grasp on any stress relief technique that i can get my hands on ;)

For my purposes, mediation will not be limited to just sitting indian style, humming. I mean, that will be a part of the process- but thats not all. Meditation, for me, will involve prayer... writing out my goals (as if i had already achieved them)... purposeful visualizing ...etc.

So there it is... my objective for the 7th month of the year--

Start the montage music.. and lets see where this goes....