Friday, January 22, 2010

BEAUTIFUL when he sleeps

So I dated this one dude named "James." James was an overall good guy. He was about 6 feet, brown skinned, thick ... hairy.. and a sexy beard (i like hair, its manly). James was an educator with multiple side gigs. Overall, he gave the impression he was a go getter. Which was a big factor in my attraction to him.

We meet on an odd occurrance. I was hanging out with some friends, I am pretty sure it was some type of pride event. While walking back to our vechicles after the club, we decided to take a detour into some neighborhood convienence store.

The first thing I noticed was that ass. What??? I am a believer in honesty .. and honestly, that boy was wearing those jeans. He stood infront of the store with a couple of his friends. As I approached to door, he grabbed the handle and opened it for me. I was a lil caught off guard and stood there for a second. While I stood there looking at him, a friend of mine walked in as he held the door. I smiled and walked in after.. "Thank you"

"Your welcome"

We browsed the store, and headed towards the door. He was standing there, outside talking to his friend. I walked out, in the shuffle we made eye contact.. I proceeded down the street. I looked back and he was just standing there, starring. I waved him over and he walked towards me. And thats where our story began. He would call me later that morning. I told him, since i holla'd at him, I was in control.

He lives in New York. His bedroom window overlooks the back of a McDonalds. He is masculine, a pretty boy, bou-gie.. but under it all he is a big kid. We kiss, his kisses are extremely wet.. i enjoy them. We just met and he is already telling me of our life together (and yes, i like it). He spends the night at my place, and never leaves. He has big feet and i like the way he shoes look next to mine. I make the mistake of telling him that I like he legs ( i LOVED his calves) and i never see him in pants again. Even when its cold out, he finds a way to through on a pair of basketball shorts five minutes after walking thru my door. He learns how to lean back in his chair and sit with his legs spread wide when he wants ... anything. He speaks passionately about his goals, we agree on the definition of a power couple. We fall in... and out. We argue and our visits become more and more physical and less and less anything else. As our relationship fizzles out, all i can do is watch him while he sleeps.

Even on our last nite together, he is still beautiful when he sleeps...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A wise man will MAKE more opportunities than he finds...

Friday, January 8, 2010

DREAM home...

not mine.... but still, someone's dream. There is something very special about customizing your environment. More so, when it is done with purpose. To create surroundings that INSPIRE, that MOTIVATE, that CALM the SPIRIT... that is my dream.