Sunday, January 27, 2013

spandex PANTS in the GYM

I must admit, I am an ASS man. Put some nice thighs and a phat a$$ in some sweats or spandex... and I am SOLD. Even though I will not admit it to my friends, I am pretty sure that a PHAT A$$ in white tights (love players in white bottoms) was the initial reason I started watching football *giggles*. TOUCHDOWN!

As trends are changing, i am noticing more and more men wearing spandex pants to the gym. On the right guy, that can be veeeeeery distracting :)  

Another good thing about the 'skinny jeans, tight slacks, and spandex pants' trend is that more men are paying attention to building their lower bodies. This is GREAT! It can be pretty disappointing to see a fella with a huge chest and arms, walking around on toothpicks... #justsaying 

1 comment:

  1. Lawd yes! I'm feeling you on this... I love fine man in spandex! It's my fetish.