Sunday, February 20, 2011


Occasionally i leave little pieces of me along the footprints i make on this earth... like bread crumbs, so i can find my way home.

These are the things that bring me BACK... no matter where i have drifted off to.

They are the songs that i rarely hear on the radio that make me feel like I AM invincible
(cause every super hero needs theme music)

They are the smell of grandma's cornbread
(one pan for me, one pan for the rest of the family)

They are the signature facial expressions and sounds i make when LIFE throws me a curve ball
(yes, i come with sound effects.. and kung fu grip)

They are any time I catch an episode of Sesame Street or just a sighting of Bert & Ernie
(somehow as a baby i just knew Bert and I had more in common, than just a rubber ducky... )

Its whenever I am near the ocean
(a lot of my A'HA moments during my teenage years came while sitting indian style on the Berkeley Marina)

It whenever i see my little brother smile
(doesnt happen often cause he all grown and thugged out, but whenever he does crack a smile - he reminds me of that lil bald-headed baby i met when i was eight)

It is sharing an inside joke with my god-sister
(which aint easy when your separated by 3 time zones and your lives are completely different, but EVERYTIME we talk i am reminded of why she is the family I LOVE and I CHOSE)

It is reading a old, OLD comics and eating red licorice
(and dont ask me why, but thats also a MAJOR turn on)

These are just a few of the bread crumbs i look for when I am feeling lost- and to this day, they have NEVER FAILED to lead me home.

We have all been told that "in life, it is important to know where you are going." And.. i get that. But life, real LIFE, will take you off your path in a heartbeat. So know your way back home.

Call me crazy, but every video game I have ever played- came with a RESET button.

So know you way back home... and (press) START again.


  1. Dude, show me where that Jamaican guy is on youtube.

  2. Whoa. I love you soooo much. I swear it is fate that our friendship is eternal. I really needed that short but inciteful message; I'm about to hit "reset" right the f* now :) Thx big brother!